Our Services

We know the confusion and anxiety you feel when you learn that someone you care for is in jail. We have seen a lot of families with the same problem in our years of experience that is why it is already second nature us to comfort and provide solutions in bailing out your loved ones.

Our Torrance Bail Bond Company can assure you of confidentiality and 24/7 availability. We know that the prisons never sleep, and so do we. Our bail bondsmen are expert in this field, and they are licensed by the California Department of Insurance so you can be assured of outstanding service and utmost professionalism.

Arrested persons in Torrance are usually taken to the Torrance Police Department where they are processed and detained. You or your friends can pay the bail in cash or through your property. For instances that you are financially incapable of paying the entire bail amount, you can seek the service of our bail bonds agents in Torrance who will be ready to take on the important task of taking your loved one out of custody.

When you opt to get a bail bond, you only need to pay the premium amounting to 10% of the bail, this rate is regulated by the California Department of Insurance. The only requirement from you is to ensure that the defendant will not miss a single court appearance because if he does, the entire bail amount will be due and your loved one will be declared as a fugitive. We do not want to see this happen to your loved one.

The process of availing a bail bond for your loved one is uncomplicated. Our bail bonds agents in Torrance will guide you through the entire process. For your reference, we follow the following steps to process your bail bond request.

  1. Our bail bondsman will inquire about the information about you and the defendant. Do not feel awkward when our bail bondsman asks about your income or employment because this is part of our risk assessment and approval process.
  2. Once your bail bond is approved, we will send you the documents that you need to sign to complete the transaction. We can send it to you by email or fax. Or if you prefer, we can meet at your home or in jail to sign the documents. You also need to pay the premium to our bail bondsman. We understand that you may not have the premium amount at hand, so we devised some helpful payment options for you.
  3. Once the documents are signed and completed, our bail bonds agent will post the bail bond where your loved one is held in custody. This part of the step may take not more than two hours. However, the release of your loved one may take a little more time depending on the processing time at the Torrance Police Department. You can be assured, though, that our bail bonds agent will not rest until your loved one is freed from jail.

Please do not hesitate to come to us if you need help in bailing out your loved one in Torrance. Your loved one does not need to stay in prison while awaiting the conclusion of the case if the law allows him to post a bail for his offense. We are available 24/7, even on holidays and weekends to ensure that we are there for you whenever a loved one needs our help to get out of custody.