We understand that you are looking for information on how to bail out your loved ones. Having a loved one detained inside the Torrance jail is not an easy situation to be in. We know the distress and the financial woes involved in this situation. We have helped a lot of clients suffering the same situation as you do and we know that we can help ease your burden.

Our Torrance bail bonds company is experienced to handle the situation and provide you with the support that you require to get the defendant out of custody. We are available 24/7 so you can call us regardless of the time, even on holidays and weekends. That is how committed we are to serve you.

The FAQs listed below are just basic questions that we receive. We want to give you a personalized advice and service so please do not hesitate to call us for any questions, we are ready to assist you.

Who is the defendant in the case?

A defendant is the one accused of the crime and is required by law to appear in a court trial. The defendant can be given temporary release from the custody of the law enforcement officials when he posts a bail.

What is a Bail?

A bail is a cash or property that is pledged to the court for the momentary release of the defendant from custody of the police. The bail is given to ensure that in spite of the release, the crime suspect will appear in court for all trial.

Who can bail the accused out from jail?

The defendant or his family and friends of legal age could pay the bail. The bail needs to be settled in full and in cash.

Most defendants and their families, however, could not afford the expensive bail amount, so they are allowed to seek the help of a bail agent in Torrance, to post a bail bond instead.

What do you mean when you say bail bond?

A bail bond is a signed document by the defendant and the surety. The document pledges the appearance of the accused person in court. The defendant will be given a temporary release from custody once the bail bond is posted. Our Bail Bonds Company in Torrance is the surety if we post the bail bond on the defendant’s behalf.

What does a bail bond agent do?

The job of the bail bond agent, such as our company’s bail bondsman, is to be the surety of the bail bond they issue to the court. After collecting a non-refundable premium from the defendant or his family or friends, we will post the bail bond to the court so that the accused will be given a temporary release from custody. Bail bondsman in Torrance are certified and controlled by the Department of Insurance (DOI).

How much is a bail bond?

Currently, the bail bond premium is set at 10% of the bail. This premium applies to all bail bond companies in Torrance. The premium rate is set by the California DOI. On the other hand, the total bail amount is controlled by the County. It may still increase based on factors such as the gravity of the crime and the defendant’s prison history.

You only need pay the premium amount and not the total bail amount. For example, the premium will be $5,000 if your bail is set at $50,000.

The DOI has given bail bond agents in Torrance a lower premium of 8% that they can offer to their clients that qualify in one of the following conditions:

  • The accused person has a private defense attorney
  • The accused person or his kin are participants of a worker’s union
  • The accused person or his kin are currently a member or veteran of the US Military

Please call our Torrance bail bonds agent  if you have any concern about the cost. We have various payment alternatives that you can avail. We can also post the bail bond even with just a minimal or even no collateral whatsoever.

Do I need to issue a Collateral?

The need for collateral is assessed depending on the case. Our Bail Bonds Company can issue a bond without collateral or with just one co-signer. For other cases where high-risk is involved, we may require a collateral, such as house, land or jewelry. Do note that your collateral will only be used if the defendant skips court. The collateral will be turned over to you after the case is resolved.

Please call us if you have questions about collateral so that we can explain it in detail.

What if the accused party did not appear in court?   

This is when it gets tricky. The court will immediately issue a warrant for the arrest of the accused. The bail will also be forfeited in favor of the court. As such, the cash bail will be forfeited. Or, the bail agency who issued the bail bond will pay the court and get a repayment from the accused or the other party who signed the bail bond.

The defendant has 180 days from the date of Forfeiture to re-appear and provide an acceptable excuse for not attending the hearing so that the court may still release the bond.

How soon will our loved one be released?

The bail may only be posted once the booking of the defendant by the Torrance Police officers is completed. The usual turnaround time for release from a city jail could be as fast as ten minutes to about an hour from the time the bail is posted. The release from a County Jail could take from two to six hours from posting bail. The Bail Bonds Torrance agent will assist you and ensure that the releasing is done in an efficient manner. We will be there to support and keep you informed on the process.