Booking Process

Once arrested, your loved one will be pre-booked in the Torrance Police station before they will be transferred to another facility where they will await their first court appearance. Having a loved one in jail without any knowledge of what is happening can make anyone anxious.

You can hire a bail bondsman in Torrance to help you understand the situation and to have a representative that is experienced and licensed to handle bail bonds. Personally posting bail for your family could be very expensive and impractical. As such, you will be better off hiring a professional bail bondsman to handle the paperwork and the stress of getting your loved one out of prison.

We often hear that the bond can be posted once the booking process has been completed. But what is a booking process? We know that not everyone knows about the procedure because no one in their right mind would want to be locked in jail for even a few minutes.

We have enumerated below the major items that comprise the booking procedure.

The first step is the Physical Examination. During the health exam, the licensed medical practitioner evaluates the mental and physical well-being of the inmate. The defendants are usually not accepted to a detention facility when they have illness. This is to ensure that the prisoners and the working population in the detention center will be safe.

The physical examination is also necessary to evaluate if the defendant sustained any injuries during his arrest. The injured defendant needs to be treated before they are allowed to stay in the detention facility.

The personal belongings of the accused will also be collected before acceptance in the detention centers. The defendant should surrender his personal effects to the police for safekeeping. The police will prepare an inventory as a record of the items collected. The confiscated items will be returned once the accused gets out of prison.

There is also a routine strip search conducted during the booking period to ensure that there are no contrabands that will be taken into the detention facility. Fortunately, an inmate that are meant to be bailed is no longer subjected to the strip search.

Once the defendant is accepted in the detention facility, the police will conduct an interview to record the name, personal information, and details of the crime. The police officers also take this opportunity to verify if the inmate has a criminal record or has been issued a warrant of arrest.

After which, the mugshot and fingerprints will be captured for the police database. The mugshot is the photo of the defendant after the arrest. The official mugshot will indicate information about the defendant and his case.

Once the booking process is complete, the inmates will be taken to their designated holding area until they have their first court appearance. If the inmate is set for bail, he will be released from prison after the posting of the bond.

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