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Looking for a bail bond related to domestic violence, DUI or any other type of charge, so you can get out of jail? Our Torrance bail bonds company is the best in the city. We won’t waste any time getting you back home, where you can concentrate on keeping your job and planning your defence. Our experienced agents are available 24 hours of the day, and will be ready to help you from the minute they get your call. If you are eligible to post bail, we will ensure you the best possible service and that the process is handled quickly and smoothly.

Our Company Holds the Key to Pre-Trial Freedom

When you or someone close to you is arrested and charged, a bond agent can hold the “key” to your jail cell, and may be able to give you freedom until your case is concluded. This will give you the chance to focus on vital issues, such as the development of your defence in conjunction with your lawyer. It will also give you time with your family and friends, instead of being in a cell.

And provided you stick to your side of the bargain (and show up in court for every proceeding in your court case), it will end up costing you a maximum of 10 percent of the bail amount in California. It might even cost you less, as a bail bondsman may give you a lower fee in certain circumstances.

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What is bail?

Bail is an amount of money, determined by a judge, which is posted with the court in exchange for your release from jail pending trial. It is intended to serve as a guarantee that you will appear in court once trial proceedings get underway.

A judge decides at a bail hearing whether or not to grant you the opportunity to post bail. He will also decide how much the bail should be. His decision in both instances takes into account various factors like criminal history, the crime involved, and what sort of risk he thinks the court would be taking should he allow you to leave jail until court proceedings start.

How is the bail amount calculated?

In California, the amount of bail money required can vary from around $20 000 in cases which are classified as less important, to $5milllion in those deemed to be more serious. Each county has its own pre-determined schedule for bail monies, which is determined in relation to different crimes. Amounts will therefore differ from county to county within California.

The judge’s opinion will take these schedules into account when deciding how much bail you should pay. In some cases he will resolve to let you out on your own recognizance – in other words, he will be taking you at your word that you will appear for the trial. No money will need to be paid to the court. However, personal recognizance does not come into consideration for serious crimes, or if there is any indication that you might be a flight risk. If you are granted this type of bail and do not keep to the conditions, you can be arrested and kept in jail until your trial is over.

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Organizing a bail bond

Once the judge decides what bail you should pay, you can pay it immediately in cash. However, if you don’t have that much cash available, you need to find a way to get it, or risk having to stay in jail until your trial is concluded.

An experienced bail bondsman can provide the solution in the form of affordable bail bonds. All you need do is call us for 24 hour bail bonds in Torrance CA. Let one of our agents explain the procedure, and help you sort out the paperwork. The agent needs your full name, and details on the crime involved, the case’s booking number, and where you are being held in jail.

The bail agent applies some of the same criteria as the judge, to determine whether to post jail money on your behalf. He needs to feel totally confident you will go to court when the trial proceedings begin, or risk losing a lot of money. If a high bail is involved, he may call for some form of collateral as a guarantee from you or a family member that you will show up. This surety would need to cover the money posted. This could be a house, a car, or maybe valuable jewellery or artworks.

Once the bail bondsman receives payment of the bond-raising fee, and finalizes the collateral, the bond will be posted with the court immediately. You will be out of jail as soon as your release is processed.

What happens if I don’t appear in court?

Your failure to appear in court can result in the judge issuing a bench warrant for your arrest and return to the jail cell. The bond posted on your behalf will be forfeited and you will be responsible for paying it back to the bond agency.

The bail bondsman will first attempt to get that money back from you, and if that isn’t successful, will turn to anyone who has co-signed for the bond, making it their responsibility. Unless repayment can be resolved, you will lose any collateral placed with the agency to raise the bond. It will become the bond agency’s property to keep, or to sell in order to recoup its losses.

Online service offers more than just bail bonds

Bond agencies offer other court-related bonds in addition to jail bonds. These include:

  • DWI car release bonds
  • Probate bonds
  • License bonds
  • Estate Bonds, Executor bonds
  • Permit bonds
  • Receiver and Administrator bonds
  • DUI bail bonds
  • Domestic violence bail bonds

What happens to the bond money?

Provided you do attend all court proceedings, the bail will get exonerated (released) by the court, whatever the outcome of the trial, and the bond will cease to exist. Any collateral you gave your Torrance bail bonds company in connection with the bail bond, will also no longer apply. You and your family will no longer have to worry about losing the valuable property you signed over.

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